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New Business: Torrach to Bairn

Torrach to Bairn Kincardine offers prenatal and postpartum classes. These classes are virtual, one on one and completely individualized. With any paid classes will come an exclusive online platform for prenatal and postpartum questions.

A new business to Kincardine, we had some questions for Christine. When asked about her what sparked her interest in this field, Christine had this to say:

"I have been in business for a couple of short months. After having my son last year, I felt there was a gap in perinatal education in the area. I decided to go back to school to become a certified perinatal (prenatal and postpartum) educator. I wanted to be able to pass on this knowledge to other moms and moms to be in the community. I feel knowledge is power and my ultimate goal is to get as many empowered parents are possible."

We love to ask, "Why Kincardine!"

"I have lived in Kincardine for 7 years now. I can't imagine living anywhere else let alone running a business elsewhere. This community is wonderful and the people are truly what makes it! As I mentioned before I want to give back to this great community by providing knowledge. I do support the surrounding area as well, as my programs are completely virtual right now, but my focus is Kincardine. Although my business is solely virtual given the current circumstances I am trying to incorporate local business owners as well. Once things return to normal I will run group programs in partnership with local businesses (who have been so welcoming). I also have plans to run webinars showcasing local experts (as there are so many!) starting next month! I also thrive on the outdoors, so being in a town where I can get some inspiration from being outside in any season is essential!"

Christine is a certified Perinatal Educator by Doula Canada, has a Certificate in Children's Mental Health, is a Registered Early Childhood Educator.

For more information:



(905) 536-6953

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