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We associate the beach with hot summer days. Our coolers packed and sand sticking to our sweaty skin, as we soak up the sun, or retreat into the shade.

It's now October. Our 30km of coast line is now significantly quieter, and the heat of the summer has dissipated. You may think that beach season has passed, but with the right kit, it's only just gearing up into surf season. The increased wind makes for swells, that keep Kincardine on the map as a location for freshwater surfing. There are still calm days, so know that with a good wetsuit, fall SUP paddles are out there waiting for you.

You can buy or rent SUP and surfboards locally, and get into all the gear you need to be properly equipped to celebrate the "off season" in beautiful Lakeside Downtown Kincardine.

West Shore Surf Shop

792 Queen Street Kincardine


(519) 396-5369


889 Queen Street Kincardine


(519) 955-0533

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