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Bruce Community Futures

Bruce Community Futures offers various business services provided including: Access to small business information, mentoring, counseling, assistance to entrepreneurs, business financing, workshops and loans. This location is also a Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre which offers offering electronic and hard copy business resource materials.

Business Services

  • Access to Small Business Information, Mentoring, Counselling and Advisory Services

  • Assistance to Entrepreneurs

  • Business Financing

  • Business Improvement Workshops and Seminars

  • Small Business Self-help Resource

  • Youth Entrepreneur

  • CFDI Learn - On Line Learning Opportunities for Small Business Owners

Bruce CFDC retains direct and active links through a range of associations to stay current on business issues, support programs as well as key contacts in industry & government. Formal affiliations include: Canada-Ontario Business Service Centre ( COBSC) Bruce CFDC is a decentralized COBSC site, offering electronic and hard copy business resource materials on site at the Bruce CFDC offices. This affiliation also provides access to a help-desk that can research specialized information needs and technical resources, providing clients with accelerated response to hard to research inquiries. This resource site hosts information related to a range of topics including:

  • Franchising

  • Partnership agreements

  • Exporting

  • Market research resources such as average household expenditure patterns/industry benchmarks, postal code based consumer reports, business planning etc.

  • Technology & Innovation

  • Projecting sales

  • Government Programs & Services ..... etc.

Ontario Association of Community Futures Development Corporations ( OACFDC ) - Member In support of the 61 CFDC’s in Ontario, this association offers the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and best practices in client service delivery as well as community & business development techniques.

Loan Assistance

Fill out your Loan Application Online or Fill out PDF Form and Email 2) Fill out Statement of Assets and Liabilities 3) Privacy Policy An active micro & small business loan program is administered through the Bruce CFDC. Loans up to $150,000 can be made to new and existing businesses within the service area, which directly aid in the creation of new jobs and/or the preservation of existing jobs for residents of the area.

Bruce CFDC specializes in assessing business term loan opportunities to small businesses that have been unable to find financing through more traditional sources.

Financing may be considered for a variety of applications including:

  • Start up financing of a new business

  • Assistance to facilitate expansion plans of an existing business

  • Inventory Working capital

  • Equipment/Capital purchase or upgrades (including technology/telecommunications)

Loan requests are considered by the Board of Directors on the basis of:

  • Technical & Management skills of the client

  • Client character including credit history

  • Jobs to be created or maintained

  • Owner equity of normally not less than 25% (cash or in-kind) of the requested loan value

  • Adequate security

  • The participation level of the client in the development & presentation of a complete business plan & supporting documents

  • Legal and/or regulatory considerations as they may impact the business

  • Business Risk Assessment

  • Environmental factors

The Board of Directors, following an assessment process by staff, decides upon all eligible loans. Every effort is made to minimize the loan review process time. However, this can be directly influenced by the quality of the business plan information provided as well as the timing of the monthly Board meetings. Interested loan applicants are encouraged to contact the Bruce CFDC as early as possible before financing demands become immediate.

Bruce CFDC has the capacity of considering equity investments. As equity deals are more complicated and costly, significant time should be made available to explore this investment strategy with the Bruce CFDC.

The Bruce CFDC financing program offers practical options for businesses needing alternatives. Clients are encouraged to explore traditional financing services toward assessing all financing options that may be available. Should bank or credit union financing not be available, or cannot fully meet client needs, the Bruce CFDC may offer a viable business financing option.

As a local financing option, the Bruce CFDC works cooperatively with area banks and credit unions in efforts to address client needs. Frequently, Bruce CFDC will work in conjunction with banks and credit unions toward financing a plan that allows for business startup, expansion and/or debt consolidation.

Community Economic Development

Community Economic Development is the practice of identifying local issues, developing strategies and implementing local solutions to enhance community economic health and prosperity. CED extends beyond business financing and business counseling. It encompasses working with a broad spectrum of the community to identify barriers to development and develop strategies to take advantage of opportunities. It also requires that an action plan be implemented to move forward on priorities. This process of strategic planning is a first step in effective CED.

Bruce CFDC has been actively involved with community economic strategic planning as well as the implementation of high priority action items in response to key issues identified through the planning process. The following are some of the plans and actions Bruce CFDC has been involved with:

  • 1991-Bruce Peninsula economic strategic plan.

  • 1991-South Bruce Lakeshore economic strategic plan.

  • 1999-Bruce CDC completed the South Bruce Economic Diversification Plan. (copies available at the office)

  • 2001-Bruce CDC with the Town of South Bruce Peninsula and Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula in the completion of a strategic plan for the two municipalities.

  • 2004-Planning and development of an e-commerce tourism web portal referred to as Grey Bruce Your Way (www.greybruceyourway.com)

  • 2005-Bruce CFDC has worked with proponents to find opportunities to restart the Bruce Packers meat processing facility.

  • 2006-Bruce CFDC developed and explored a regional Twinning opportunity with Grey, Bruce counties, City of Owen Sound and the City of Xinyi, China.

  • 2007-Bruce CFDC proudly presented its 4th annual PEAK awards gala event celebrating successful business clients located within our catchment area.

  • 2008-Bruce CFDC is presently developing its Strategic Plan that will outline Loans, CED and other pertinent activities.

  • 2009- Bruce CFDC participated with 6 other Ontario CFDC offices in completion of a comprehensive economic competitive analysis [Economic Competitive Analysis Project (ECAP)]. The Bruce and Grey region’s report provides communities and stakeholders with information regarding their competitiveness in key sectors and to enhance their capacity for investment attraction and business retention and expansion activities. We also continue to work with community partners through the Regional Tourism Marketing Partnership (RTMP), Grey Bruce Regional Economic Development Committee and the Local Training Board.

  • 2010- Projects included: The Senior Needs Study, The Grey Bruce Regional Economic Development Partnership, The Midwestern Ontario Green Job Strategy and Spruce the Bruce.

  • 2011- Projects included: The Bruce County & Owen Sound Senior Needs Study, The Grey Bruce Regional Economic Development Partnership and The Midwestern Ontario Green Job Strategy. Over the past year, Bruce CFDC has been a strong partner in downtown revitalization through continued administration of the Bruce County wide “Spruce the Bruce” program. This program has included Business Retention and Expansion programs, Community Branding efforts, Sustainability Plans and Municipal Cultural Mapping.


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