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There’s an exciting buzz in and around Kincardine on the shores of Lake Huron. It’s more than the sunsets and beautiful beach, and more than one of Canada’s leading energy clusters just up the shoreline. The excitement you can feel is entrepreneurial by nature and growing every year. We enjoy and embrace an enterprising legacy here. And that makes Kincardine the right launch pad for startups and business expansion.

Do Business in Kincardine, Ontario

History tells us the Scottish people were an industrious bunch, and the early days of Kincardine demonstrate that truth. This makes our Scottish Heritage brand especially fitting for a new era of business growth and
innovation. So while we have marching pipe bands with thousands of spectators every Saturday night through the summer, what’s really exciting is the work ethic and supportive business culture that is here all year round.


One of Canada’s leading energy clusters is centered in and around Kincardine. As a result, the labour force and their families are well-educated, active and looking for opportunities. This skilled full-time population creates opportunities while also taking advantage of a prosperous, local agri-business sector. Energy and related manufacturing, food processing, co-ops, retail and tourism – the potential is everywhere in Kincardine.

Skilled & Ready

You can walk the boardwalks beside gentle waters or watch the surfers as they catch early morning waves in the mist of Lake Huron. Then you can go for a long bike ride through a well-managed trail system or visit local food producers to get your produce for the day. And all of this can happen before breakfast. Work/life balance is more than a buzz-word here. Business and living costs are reasonable, and our youthful, skilled demographic represents a new generation of prosperity in the area.

Life & Work, too

The municipality and business community of Kincardine are working together to inspire and support our new spirit of local entrepreneurialism. It’s like a private/public partnership, but without red tape and bureaucracy. While respecting our community, our culture and the environment that sustains our way of life, we also see the need to make business expansion and success easier to achieve. We’ve
streamlined processes, made access to information easier and formed support groups for new business owners.


Entrepreneurial Culture

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